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Y1W1: MTDecker with Closing in

Y1W2: Steph Ellis with One Last Night

Y1W3: A V Laidlaw with Mouse

Y1W4: Josh Bertetta with Felineage

Y1W5: MTDecker with The Shelley Boys are Back

Y1W6: Ophelia Leong with Changeling Duty

Y1W7: Josh Bertetta with A Sticky Situation

Y1W8: Phil Coltrane with Come to Grief

Y1W9: Alana Dill with The Seige

Y1W10: MTDecker and Firdaus, with Cut Throat and Character Tantrums

Y1W11: Steph Ellis with Hunter Reborn

Y1W12: Carin Marais with Life on Canvas

Y1W13: Roger Jackson with Looking Glass

Y1W14: Steph Ellis with Happy Ever After

Y1W15: MTDecker with Conundrum

Y1W16: Red Fleece with Red for Oscar

Y1W17: Steph Ellis with Preparing the Ground

Y1W18: Patrick Stahl with The Special 

Y1W19: Steph Ellis with Liar's Skin

Y1W20: RealMommaRamble with The Tea Party

Y1W21: Carin Marais with Dust Red as Blood

Y1W22: Molly Morrow with Safe Harbor

Y1W23: Steph Ellis with Safe and Sound

Y1W24: Kim Pemberton with The Follow

Y1W25: AndyLvndr with No Illumination

Y1W26: Firdaus with Being Death

Y1W27: Maggie Akhurst with Accidentally Saved

Y1W28: Maggie Akhurst with Changing the World

Y1W29: Benjamin Langley with Mother Knows Best

Y1W30: Sara Codair with Metamorphosis

Y1W31: Bill Engleson with Excerpt of the Official Inquest Into the Death of Marie-Augustine Aguillard, the Sole Fatality in the Tragic Events of October 22nd, 1895

Y1W32: Kelly Griffith with Revelation 16:15

Y1W33: Steph Ellis with I wish I may, I wish I might

Y1W34: ParkInkSpot with Careful What You Select For

Y1W35: Sara Codair with Her First Rodeo 

Y1W36: Sara Codair with The Phoenix 

Y1W37: Sam Malkowski with Problem Solving

Y1W38: Phil Coltrane with 6EQU

Y1W39: Timothy Davis with The Orchard

Y1W40: Daisy Warwick with Unauthorized Assassination

Y1W41: Ronel Janse van Vuuren with Dragon Flight

Y1W42: Bill Engleson with The Caller

Y1W43: Carin Marais with Revenge

Y1W44: Nicolette Stephens with Love Letters

Y1W45: Carin Marais with Passing the Time

Y1W46: Ronel Janse van Vuuren with Awakening

Y1W47: Craig McGeady with Like Last Night

Out of 47 competitions and 48 wins, there were 28 unique winners

Steph Ellis: 7 wins
MTDecker, Carin Marais: 4 wins
Sara Codair: 3 wins
Josh Bertetta, Firdaus, Maggie Akhurst, Bill Engleson, Ronel Janse van Vuuren, Phil Coltrane: 2 wins

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