Welcome to the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition! Here are thy commandments: 

1. Contestants will be given 24 hours to write and post their stories. Prompts will be posted on Saturday at 12:01 AM PST. Submissions close at 11:59 PM PST on Saturday. (Or 12 AM to 12 AM, if you prefer.) (Seattle, WA time. Observe the world clock.)

2. Stories must begin with the prompt sentence (prompts can be tweaked; however, it must be recognizable).

3. 300 word max for each submission. We'd appreciate at least a sentence or two (since you have to use the prompt!), but we'd be delighted to see well-done micro fiction. Titles are not included in the word count, but the prompts are. Hyphenated words are counted as one word (as 101 Fiction put it, "a blue-skinned alien is not the same as a blue skinned alien").

4. Submissions can be poetry or prose.

5. Due to there only being three of us (the judges), we can only accept the first 100 submissions.

6. One submission per week per writer, please.

7. Editing your submission is allowed if submitted before the deadline (leave a reply to your submission with the edits).

8. No erotica or explicit sexual content. Violence and profanity should be kept to a minimum, and, if used, should be integral to the plot (please entirely refrain from the f-bomb and using references to religious figures as expletives). Stories violating this rule may be immediately disqualified solely at the judges' discretion.

9. Commenting on other stories is encouraged (as long as it's nice)! Make new friends.

10. At the top of submissions, please include your name (penname or nickname), story word count, and the story title. (Also include your twitter handle if you've got one, or blog!)

11. By submitting your work to the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition website, you agree to the following disclaimer: All rights to works published online at the Cracked Flash Fiction Competition website are retained by the original author. Works contained herein are works of fiction. Characters, incidents, dialogue, and settings are to be drawn from the authors' imaginations (e.g., no fanfiction). Any resemblance to any actual events, persons (living or dead), or locales, is entirely coincidental, or is used in a fictitious manner. To the best of our knowledge, all works submitted are the original works of the submitting authors.

12. We accept all genres (except those excluded by rules 8 and 11). However, we usually read Sci-Fi, Fantasy, and Adventure. We also strongly appreciate humor and cool things (e.g., assassins, dragons, magic, coding, science, etc.,).

13. The winner (along with runner-ups and honorable mentions, if any), will be declared the following Wednesday or Thursday of each Saturday (likely during PDT afternoon). The winner of each competition will be awarded with virtual hugs and cookies, a Twitter shout-out, a place on the Winner's page (tho updated infrequently), and an e-button trophy.

14. We, the judges, reserve the right to ban any contestant who violates the above rules (including the rule of kindness; no whiners or braggarts, please) from future entry at our sole discretion.

15. Have fun!


  1. I'm not much of a planner.
    Stephen Lodge
    44 out of time wordingtons

    I'm not much of a planner. Well you don't need me to tell you that. I have clearly failed to get the hang of the world clock and missed the time difference between your PST and my local Singapore timeline. Dammit. I'm very ashamed.

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