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Mars (Mariah Burkett)

Mars has been writing since she was in fourth grade, and she wanted to be an English Major to become an editor before she found the amazing world of Computer Sciences. Whilst searching for writing scholarships or competitions for college monies, she stumbled upon flash fiction. Within Mars' heart lies a deep, abiding love for magic and the fantasy genre.

Twitter: @MarsEnyalios

Ronel Janse Van Vuuren

Ronel Janse van Vuuren is the author of New Adult, Young Adult and children’s fiction filled with mythology and folklore. Her dark fantasy stories can be read on Wattpad and on her blog Ronel the Mythmaker. She won Fiction Writer of the Year 2016 for her Afrikaans stories on INK.

Ronel can be found arguing with her characters, researching folklore for her newest story or playing with her Rottweilers when she’s not actually writing.

Si (An Element)

Si is short for Silicon. In reality, Si is a proud member of the Periodic Table, a semi-metal, and entertains 14 electrons regularly.

On the Internet, Si is known for reading, writing, coding, and sciencing obsessively. She will read anything SFF and delights in thieves, hackers, assassins, and other unsavory types. Si flails about SFF books wherever a captive audience is to be found. She writes to amuse herself and likes to read things that are amusing. End-of-the-world crackfic is her flash fiction specialty. As a scientist, Si studies obscure things with the aid of the wonderful (I CAN HEAR YOU MUTTERING, C++ PEOPLE) Perl programming language. She hopes to write a ridiculous novel with Programming Magic someday because why not.

Like Mars, Si feels like this is an exercise in writing a (rather strange) dating profile and offers this instructive xkcd for your perusal: https://xkcd.com/120/.

Twitter: @siliconphospho

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