Saturday, August 26, 2017

Short Hiatus

Hey all, this is Mars.

I've recently gotten a job, which accounts for my recent slips in judging CFFC, so I wanted to take a week or two to regroup and find another judge or two (Ronel needs the next month or two off), as well as get the three missing results up (the one from like four months ago, and these last two weeks).

Thank you all for your continuing support of CFFC :)

<3 Mars


  1. I appreciate all the effort and wish you guys well. I will of course redirect my writing activities for what I hope will be a brief hiatus. All the best.

  2. Take all the time you all need, and I feel ya. I took a year off from writing to get my life in order. Thank you for helping me get some writing under my belt. I am going to be doing more in the new year.