Thursday, August 20, 2015

Trippin' Thursday!

In accordance with our theme of insanity (and in tribute to what first began our travels in CFF (One of us was actually on medication when we first began prompt writing together and calling it CFF (which is where our mascot, Flavio, comes from))), we have dubbed these writing sessions Trippin' Thursdays. You have more liberty to be insane on Thursdays than Saturdays, because we're not going to judge it! This is a totally original idea andnothinglikeFF'sWarmupWednesdays idk what you're talking about. Have fun, and have at it! We definitely look forward to your entries.

What: A stress-free prompt-writing session.

Word count: 1000 word max.

How: Submit your stories as a comment to this post, along with your name, word count, and title (and Twitter handle or blog if you've got 'em!). However many entries you like!

Remember: We don't care how much you mutilate the prompt (or if your story is just based off of it), 'cuz we're not going to be judging it.

Bonus points: Do it in 5-15 minutes, with no editing.


"What are you doing now?"
"Looking for skid marks."
"Skid marks?"
"Yeah, from that bus you threw me under."

And a completely unrelated image prompt!


  1. @firdausp
    Two crazy souls
    (Way short of the 1000 word mark! (A person can only write this much rubbish). Okay I tried!)

    "What are you doing now?That huge magnifying glass is ridiculous!"

    "Looking for skid marks."

    "Skid marks?"

    "Yeah, from that bus you threw me under! Remember?"

    "Duh! It wasn't a bus. It was a tiny van with busted tyres!"

    "Do you see those black skid marks?"

    "Where? Can't see any."

    "That's how far my body was dragged by those 'busted tyres' you moron!"

    "Exaggerations will not get you into my good books. You were a bad boy when you possessed that horse when those Cowboy dudes were piling hay into the cart."

    "That was so much fun. I ran around like a crazy pony. It was so funny but like the killjoy you are, you had to possess the other horse and halt me in my tracks. And then you threw me under that bus!!"

    "Tiny van with busted tyres."


    "Okay I'm sorry. I should have seen the funny side for a change."

    "OMG! You're saying sorry!"


    "Do you see those cowboys in that field? Wanna have some fun?"


    "See that huge bull in the other field? Just my luck! One of the dudes is wearing a red shirt."

    "No you don't!"

    "Hehe, yes I do!"

    "You might kill them!"

    "All the better! They can join our gang. I'm a little bored by just your company."


    "Now watch and learn. Have some fun!"

    Headlines the next day:

    Crazy Bull in Farmer Brown's field goes wild charging into barriers and generally creating havoc while some excited cowboys looked on.

    No animals were harmed during the writing of this gibberish.