Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Y2W8 Results!

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WOOHOO thanks to everyone for participating this week!

Here's Y2W8 results! Let's get right to it!

Honorable Mention

Benjamin Langley (@b_j_langley) with Marketing a Malevolent Messiah

Amusing take on the prompt! A 21st Century founding of a new religion with a throwback evil who wants to make it big in today's world! I liked the little touches of modern life--the iPhone, the God 2.0 suggestion--mixed with occasional "retro"-style dialogue: "I am many millennia old. I have created galaxies, feasted on worlds. I transcend the concept of name." I wanted to see more character development and motivation for Gerry's (perhaps unwilling?) decision to ally with the beast. I feel sorry for Gerry! Well done!

First Runner Up

Griffith's Family (@KLGriffiths) with The One Feared is the One Revered

There was great voice in this story, established early and held throughout. I really like how you never explicitly state who your protagonist and antagonist are ... but it is quite obvious! Great job with the wheedling voice, the slippery insinuations, the brief references to a variety of various world events. I would have liked to see more tension develop in the piece, right now it has the same tone and pacing throughout to my ear. Great story!

Y2W8 Winner

Ronel Janse van Vuuren (@miladyronel) with


I admit it, the last line killed me. This is a great short, to-the-point piece that doesn't waste words and sets a compelling, multi-layered scene extremely concisely. I like the description of the powerful young woman, loved and feared for her powers--well done establishing that in a few sentences--and the sudden tone switch at the exact right time! So often these young, powerful protagonists are depicted as alone in the world--I love that this one has a sensible, unimpressed mother right in the thick of it. Excellent story!

‘I don’t want to be worshipped…’ the young woman at the head of the table whispered, staring at her reflection in the gleaming wood surface. ‘I want to terrify!’

Wind rushed through the room and blasted all the gifts away.

Everyone sat up straight; no-one dared look at her. Though they adored her for getting rid of the enemy navy with her power over air, she still scared them.

‘Too bad. Eat your eggs,’ her mother said as she placed a plate in front of her. 

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